We bet for renewables, we bet for the future
More tan +400 M EUR invested in 8 different countries
1,3 GW under development in Europe, Asia and LatAm

Development and investment in renewable projects with an IPP approach and the strength of 20 years of experience on an international level.

BAS Corporation is a development and investment platform that fully manages renewable energy projects, aiming to optimize value at all stages. This is possible thanks to a strategy of diversification of technologies, markets and currencies, a strategic agreement with DOMINION and agility in decision-making as a differential tool.

BAS team has put together more than 2,000MW of international experience throughout 20 years. Currently we got more than 1.3GW under development in Europe, Asia and Latin America.


In 2020, renewables already account more than a third of global generation capacity, and the trend for them to keep gaining share, accounting for two-thirds of generation capacity by 2050.

BAS Corporation wants to be part of this change in the energy generation model, contributing to decarbonisation, reducing emissions and mitigating global warming. Our corporate social responsibility goes beyond contributing to environmental improvement, seeking social and economic improvement in the areas where our projects are developed.