San Pedro 30MW- Wind Project in Mexico

Construction: 2018 Q1

Start of operation: 2019 Q2

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Technology: Wind

Power: 30 MW

Market: MEXICO

Construction: 2018 Q1

Start of operation: 2019 Q2

Project Details

BAS CORPORATION is the owner of the San Pedro wind project (Eólica Huimilpan), developed by EOLIATEC (Exclusive Purchasing Agreement, conditioned to favorable Due Diligence). .

The site is located in the Municipality of Alvarado, just 13 km from the municipal head.

Wind measurements performed by the developers with an anemometric tower 50 m in height from sep 2008 to date and with an anemometric tower 80 m in height from oct 2015 to date.

Current capacity: 40.0 MW

The estimated production is 123.6 GWh/year (P50) corresponding to a plant factor of approximately 35.3%.

Connection Node: Temazcal, 115 kV transmission line at a distance of 200 m

The Project is a self-supply power plant that has bilateral PPAs for a tranche of its energy and another merchant tranche

ENERGY: All permits obtained: Energy Self-Storage Permit (CRE), Indicative study (CENACE), System Impact Study (CENACE), Facilities Study (CENACE), Facilities and Assignment Agreement (CENACE), Interconnection Contract (CFE). CENACE (