Papaloapan 40 MW- Wind Project in Mexico

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Technology: Wind

Power: 40 MW

Market: MEXICO

Construction: 2018 Q1

Start of operation: 2019 Q2

Project details

BAS CORPORATION is the owner of the Papaloapan wind project (Fuerza Viento Papaloapan), developed by EOLIATEC (Exclusive Purchasing Agreement, conditioned to favorable Due Diligence

The site is located in the Municipality of Alvarado, just 13 km from the municipal head.

Wind measurements performed by the developers with an anemometric tower 50 m in height from sep 2008 to date and with an anemometric tower 80 m in height from oct 2015 to date.

Current capacity: 40.0 MW

The estimated production is 123.6 GWh/year (P50) corresponding to a plant factor of approximately 35.3%.

Connection Node: Temazcal, 115 kV transmission line at a distance of 200 m.

The Project is a self-supply power plant that has bilateral PPAs for a tranche of its energy and another merchant tranche

ENERGY: All permits obtained: Energy Self-Storage Permit (CRE), Indicative study (CENACE), System Impact Study (CENACE), Facilities Study (CENACE), Facilities and Assignment Agreement (CENACE), Interconnection Contract (CFE). CENACE (